Which company is best for term life insurance. Mortgage broker offers free life insurance to customers

An online mortgage broker has announced it is offering life insurance for free for up to 90 days to customers using its service. Free life insurance.

Habito said the new and complementary add-on will prove easier and more straightforward for customers to sign up to than traditional life insurance products because it requires them to answer only nine questions.

It said it has got rid of lengthy forms and medical appointments and instead it will use information already in the mortgage application, plus the answers to the few extra questions, as part of the eligibility process.

Each homebuyer who qualifies is, explained Habito, given free, no-strings-attached cover for up to 90 days on exchange of contracts. After this, the customer can opt-in if they would like to keep the policy beyond the free period and begin paying for the life insurance.

House insurance

The product, underwritten by AIG Life Limited, allows customers to increase or decrease their cover, or pause or cancel their policy using an online dashboard. They can take out level cover – for interest-only mortgages – and decreasing term life insurance, which is available for capital and repayment mortgages. It is available for single and joint applicants.

Daniel Hegarty, founder and CEO of Habito, said: “We know that when you buy a home, your first thought should be what colour to paint the walls, not worrying about who’s going to pay the mortgage after you’ve gone.

“Our life insurance offers accessibility, convenience and flexibility like never before, and three months of free cover means our customers can have complete peace of mind as they settle into their new homes.”

No medical life insurance

Nicola Dryden, Partnerships Director at AIG Life, said: “ Homeowners really need life insurance in place to look after the family when they buy a property, so it’s essential the application process is as easy as possible. Habito’s simple, free life insurance offering takes some of that worry out of the house buying process.”

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