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Life Insurance corporation of India or LicIndia is the largest insurance company in India. And if you are a resident of India, then this is the word which pops up in your mind whenever you hear the word “Insurance”. Licindia.

LicIndia is a state owned corporation which deals with insurance services in India. It came into existence when Life Insurance of India Act was passed by the Indian parliament in the year 1956. This was done to check the rising fraud by the owners of private insurance companies. Thus, resulted in combining over 250 prevalent insurers both national and foreign.

Since, it was state owned and leader of life insurance for a very long duration, at once even contributed about 7.1 % of India’s total GDP. This shows the impact of this corporation when it had the monopoly in Indian market.

Yogakshemam Vahamyaha-

LIC works on the slogan “Yogakshemam Vahamyaha” which means ” Your Welfare is our responsibility”. And this can be noticed with some facts too-

LicIndia has over 2090 branch offices equipped with online services.

It has a network of 1,337,976 individual agents approx and increasing.

No. 6 Most Trusted Service Brand of India.

More than 250 million lives are part of the family called LicIndia.

Who is life insurance for

Readers’ Digest Trusted brand award for continuous 8 years.

Termed as Most Trusted brand in the BFSI category by Brand Trust Report for 4 years.

LIC profit booking rises to record 25000 crore in 2018 Fiscal year.

Insurance plans by LicIndia-

Lic’s Single Premium Endowment Plan

LIC’s Anmol and Anmol Jeevan II

LIC’s Limited Premium Endowment Plan

These were some of the insurance plans provided by LicIndia.

Metropolitan life insurance

Some facts about the LIC Housing Finance-

21 Lakhs Families served and more

252 marketing offices Including two abroad

Around 10,000 marketing intermediaries To guide through the loan processes

Online Home loan approvals Through the website www.lichousing.com

Rs 2.42 lakh crore Loans disbursed

Rs 1.44 lakh crore And more is the loan book.

(For more plans and detailed information please contact the local LIC office)

Insured life

LicIndia customer support-

Click here to get in contact with the respective zones through official website.

With such a huge team and network ( over 114990 employees ), LicIndia is undoubtedly the leader in the Indian insurance market. And the trust they built over this long duration is some what unmatched by any other firm.

“Note- Before applying for any service do check for other options in the market too for better deal. After all your hard earned money is something which you should think a lot before spending. “

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