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Life insurance customers are demanding more from their carriers than ever before, comparing them to other companies, such as Apple, Amazon or many banks, that offer rich and rewarding customer experiences. Life insurers understand these rising expectations, but are hobbled by aging technology platforms that limit their ability to deliver customer-centric products and services. Top 10 life insurance companies.

Accenture offers life insurers a clear road to customer-centricity, helping them modernize their technology platforms without the danger of escalating budgets and timelines, reductions in service levels and the very real possibility of failure that has prevented many insurers from moving to a new platform.

Our industry-leading Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform (ALIP), combines decades of Accenture life insurance experience in a feature-rich, flexible system that is easily customized to your business needs. The affordable platform includes illustrations, eApps, powerful underwriting and rating engines and a complete policy administration system. All products are housed on the single platform, providing a customer-centric view of your business.

When coupled with Accenture’s Distribution and Marketing Services, our clients are able to se ize the opportunities that true multichannel customer interactions provide. ALIP can be easily configured to support advanced analytics that helps identify leads and directs them to the most appropriate channel—agent, call center, online or mobile—to improve sales outcomes.

Insurers can outsource some or all of the new platform development to Accenture, ensuring your service and new business goals remain untouched throughout the development process. When it's time to migrate to the fully configured and tested ALIP platform, the Accenture Insurance Data Migration Factory can populate the new system without undue burden on your workforce or any drop in service levels.

Life insurers

The Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform—our leading, field-tested life and annuity policy administration solution that has been successfully implemented in North America.

Proven and tested tools and frameworks.

Better use of IT resources.

Lower policy acquisition costs.

Instant life insurance

A complete service and delivery offering.

Decades of experience embedded in our delivery methodology, estimating models and program management practices.

Industrialization of core business processes.

A component-based approach that minimizes risk and smoothes the path to consolidation.

Auto insurance

Application portfolio optimization.
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