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Life insurance can be a very important insurance to purchase especially when it comes to your family's security. If someone will suffer financially when you die, chances are you need life insurance. Now is the time to determine how much would be needed to cover your loved ones' expenses including: home mortgage, funeral costs, daily living expenses, college funding, etc. As a member of AGD you are offered this exclusive Group Term Life Insurance Plan underwritten by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in the City of New York. Group term life insurance.

Who May Request Coverage

All members in good standing and their lawful spouses under age 65, who reside in the United States, may apply for coverage from $50,000 up to $500,000 in units of $25,000. A member's dependent, unmarried children, age 6 months to 25 years, can also be insured for $5,000 ($500 if they are between 14 days and 6 months old). A dependent who is also a member must apply for member coverage. If both parents are insured as members, only one may request child coverage.

To become insured, you must provide satisfactory evidence of insurability and pay the required premium.

How much will I need?

Accelerated Death Benefit Feature

If you've been covered under this plan for at least 180 consecutive days, are under age 70, and you are diagnosed with a terminal illness from which you are not expected to recover (life expectancy of 24 months or less), you may receive a benefit, the maximum of which is equal to the lesser of 50 percent of your life insurance amount as shown in the Schedule of Benefits of your certificate which must be at least $20,000 less the discount or $250,000, less the discount. The minimum accelerated benefit will be $10,000, less the discount.

The remaining benefit then becomes payable to your beneficiary after your death. Children's coverage does not include accelerated benefits. Accelerated benefits are not payable if there is an absolute assignment of your life insurance; there is an irrevocable beneficiary who does not give written consent; all or part of your life insurance is to be paid to your child(ren) or former spouse as part of a court approved divorce agreement, or the terminal illness is a result of intentional self-inflicted injury or attempted suicide. Receipt of accelerated benefits may be taxable. Consult your tax advisor for details.

30-Day Free Look

When you receive your Certificate of Insurance, examine it carefully. If you are not completely satisfied with your Term Life Insurance Coverage, simply return your certificate, without claim, within 30 days with your request for a full refund of any premium paid.

No questions will be asked and there will be no further obligation.


You may name anyone you choose as the beneficiary for life insurance benefits. You may also change your beneficiary at any time by written request. The insured parent is the beneficiary for child coverage.

Waiver Of Premium

Your premium payment will be waived should you become totally disabled by injury or sickness before age 60 for more than six consecutive months. Total disability means that you cannot perform any work for pay or profit. Insurance will continue for one year after total disability begins. The waiver will renew annually, as long as you remain totally disabled, proof of total disability is given by you when due, and you are examined when required. Your continuation of coverage will end when your total disability ends, proof of total disability is not given when due, you are not examined when required or you attain age 70. If the policy ends, this will not act to end this continuation.

When Insurance Becomes Effective

Your coverage will begin on the first day of the month following approval by Metropolitan Life provided the initial premium is paid. You must be actively at work on the date insurance is to take effect; otherwise, the insurance will take effect on the date you return to work.

Cheapest insurance

If applying for coverage, your lawful spouse must be able to perform the normal activities of a person of like age and sex, and with like occupation or retired status. Otherwise, the insurance will take effect on the date the spouse resumes such activities.

An insured child might be hospitalized on the date the insurance is to take effect. If so, insurance will take effect on the day after he or she is discharged.

When Coverage Ends

Your insurance will end at the earliest of the date this policy ends at the option of Metropolitan Life or the policyholder; the date insurance ends for your class; the end of the period for which your last premium has been paid; your premium due date coinciding with or next following the date you attain age 75; your premium due date coinciding with or next following the date you cease to be a member or upon receipt of written request from you.

When you reach age 75, if your insurance ends for a reason other than non-payment of premium, you may buy an individual life insurance policy from Metropolitan Life during the conversion period, i.e., the 31 days after insurance ends without providing evidence of insurability.

A dependent's insurance will end at the earliest of the date the member's insurance ends under the group policy; the date the group policy is changed to end dependents' life insurance; the date the person ceases to be a dependent; or the end of the period for which the last premium has been paid for the dependent.

Eligible dependent children may continue coverage if it was in force at the time of the member's death. Coverage on a handicapped child may be continued beyond the child termination age date.

Coverage Decreases at Age 65

When you or your covered spouse attains age 65, the benefit amount will reduce to 50%. At age 70, the benefit amount will reduce to the lesser of 50% of the amount inforce at age 69 or $25,000.


The validity of any amount of insurance which has been in force for two years during the insured's life will not be contested except for non-eligibility or non-payment of premium contributions.

Convertible To Permanent Insurance

If your insurance ends for a reason other than non-payment of premium, you may buy an individual policy of life insurance from Metropolitan Life during the conversion period, i.e., the 31 days after insurance ends. Evidence of insurability will not be required.

20 year level term life insurance rates

Attractive Group Rates

Right To Change Rates

Metropolitan Life may change premium rates when this policy is amended on any date on or after the first policy anniversary; this will be done only once in a 12 month period.However, your rates may change only if they are changed for all others in the same class of insureds under this group policy. The new premium will apply only to premiums due on or after the date the rate change takes effect.

The Association incurs certain administrative expenses in connection with this sponsored program. To provide and maintain this valuable membership benefit, it is reimbursed for such expenses.

Certificate Of Insurance

Each insured will be provided a Certificate of Insurance evidencing coverage, which is provided under policy number G-610,430 on policy form G-19000 issued to the Academy of General Dentistry.

Exclusions And Limitations

If death is the result of suicide during the first two years of coverage, benefits are limited to return of premiums paid, plus interest. If a person's age, sex or any other data is misstated, the correct data will be used to determine if insurance is in force. If insurance is in force, the premium and/or benefits will be adjusted according to the facts.

The Company Behind the Coverage

Like most insurance policies, insurance policies offered by MetLife and its affiliates contain certain exclusions, exceptions, reductions, limitations, waiting periods and terms for keeping them in force. Please contact your plan administrator for costs and complete details.

Group insurance coverage is issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY 10166.

How To Apply


By Mail:

Contact your Personal Insurance Representative, Christa Lee for more information and application at 877-280-6487.

Do You Have Any Questions? Call toll free:1-877-280-6487

The United States Life Insurance

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Company in the City of New York

The underwriting risks, financial and contractual obligations and support functions associated with products issued by The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York are its responsibility.

This is only a brief summary of benefits and is subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations of group policy number G-610,430, form number G-19000. Coverage may vary and may not be available in all states.

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