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Premiums on life insurance for people with diabetes are likely to be higher than for those without the condition, but this doesn't mean you have to pay over the odds. Life assurance quote.

If you have diabetes and have applied for life insurance in the past then you will know how difficult it can be. This is where our team of Diabetes Life Insurance experts can assist – we’ll help you to find the best cover for you and your family at the right price.

We aim to save you money on the premiums that you pay for life insurance by searching the market to find you the best insurance provider.

Our expert advisors have several years of experience so we understand what you need and we are here to make sure that you get it.

Get a FREE, no obligation diabetic life insurance quote below. We'll find the most suitable cover for you at the cheapest price. How we work:

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How does diabetes affect your life insurance?

It is possible to get life insurance if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, but your premiums will depend on the severity of your condition and your HbA1c readings.

Most people with diabetes who are looking for life insurance will find that their premiums will be loaded or rated to reflect the level of risk for a life insurance provider.

This is why life insurance underwriters will assess your diabetes based on a number of key factors and measurements, such as:

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Most recent HbA1c reading

Medication (e.g. diet, metformin or insulin)

BMI (e.g. height, weight and waist measurements)

Existing diabetes complications (e.g. retinopathy, nephropathy or neuropathy)

You may find that certain insurance providers previously declined you for life insurance because of your diabetes. This does not mean that every insurance provider would decline you, so it is important to speak to an expert to ensure you apply to the best insurance provider for you.

Reasons why you might be declined life insurance (by some insurers):

Heart conditions or heart attack

Diabetes complications

HbA1c readings over 10% (85.8 mmol/mol)

It is very important for anyone with diabetes to apply to insurance providers with strong underwriting for your condition. Our team of experts know exactly which insurance provider will be the best for you and it is our job to make sure that you get the best cover in place at the right price.

Critical illness cover for diabetes

Over the last several years there has been a move towards more flexible underwriting for critical illness cover with diabetes.

Low cost term insurance

There are now several insurance providers who will offer critical illness cover for people with diabetes which can vary depending on the insurance provider.

Critical illness cover for people type 2 diabetes can be assessed among those who are:

No diabetes complications

We are constantly working with life insurance providers to help improve underwriting for critical illness cover for people with diabetes.

As a diabetes life insurance specialist we are constantly working with insurance providers to develop new products and help them to improve underwriting for you.

SAVE up to 65% on Diabetes Life Insurance

We are working with some of the top insurance providers in the UK to help to develop specific life insurance products for people with diabetes.

In 2017 we have seen the introduction of several products specifically designed for people with diabetes offering up to 65% discounts on premiums.

Client A (Age 40, Non-smoker)

Medical History: Type 2 Diabetes (Hba1c level: 7.6) / BMI: 32

This example shows how much you could save on your life insurance premiums by speaking to our team of diabetes experts. We are constantly working on ways to save you money and to provide you with the best cover for you, your family or your business.

Select quote life insurance

Diabetes life insurance with benefits

Some of the new life insurance products offer benefits for controlling or managing your diabetes. We know that managing your diabetes can be extremely challenging and we think that you should be rewarded for that.

To unlock your diabetes life insurance rewards you will need to show that you are managing your diabetes well and provide your annual diabetes review results.

Diabetes health rewards include:

Further discounts on life insurance premiums

Annual cashback rewards

25% OFF Ocado healthy food

Up to 40% OFF British Airways
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