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Critical illness cover is designed to pay out a lump sum on diagnosis of certain serious illnesses. Critical illness cover.

Critical illness cover can be included with your life insurance, you’ll see this option when you get a quote. You can choose cover which pays just once (either on death or diagnosis of a critical illness) or cover that could potentially pay twice. These options are shown when your getting your quote.

Critical illness cover will pay out upon diagnosis of one of a number of conditions. Conditions vary depending upon the provider.

Most providers cover over 40 illnesses. Heart attack, stroke, paralysis, major organ transplants, Parkinsons disease, many types of cancer, coma, and total permanent disability are just some of the conditions covered.

If you’re diagnosed with an illness covered by your policy you can claim. Payments are usually tax free and can be used for any purpose. Premiums can be paid monthly or annually.

Benefits of life insurance

If you have a critical illness it might mean you won’t be able to work. Critical illness cover can help protect your financial future by providing a lump sum or regular income.

No they aren’t, cover differs with each provider. Full details of what is covered is in the providers key features. You can find this by getting a quote and proceeding with your chosen company.

How much critical illness cover do you need?

Everyone has different requirements. You may need to cover a mortgage. You might want to protect yours and your family’s future. Price also plays an important part. Perhaps start with a few quotes to see how much it costs and fine tune your policy from there.

How to get life insurance

How much does critical illness insurance cost?

Premiums depend on a number of factors. The amount of cover, term of the policy, your age and your health can all affect the price.

If you know what cover you want then quite simply you can buy it from us cheaper than anywhere else. We’ve streamlined our processes so we don’t have to take big commissions. We don’t have a big marketing budget to finance. Instead we just charge you a one off fee of £25 and you pay less each month for your cover.
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