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Being diagnosed with a critical illness impacts both you and your family. Critical Illness insurance can help take away the worry of having to cover your day-to-day expenses while you undergo treatment or recover from surgery. Critical illness cover.

What is Critical Illness insurance?

Critical Illness insurance (also known as trauma cover) gives you a one-off payment if you suffer one of the specified critical illnesses we cover.

There are two types of Critical Illness insurance available:

Critical Illness Standard: Provides benefits for the most common critical conditions with fewer additional options, at a lower cost

Critical Illness Plus: Provides benefits for an extensive range of critical conditions and additional options

With Critical Illness insurance you also have access to Best Doctors, a valuable free service that connects you to leading specialists who can provide a second opinion about your diagnosis and treatment plan.

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How does it work?

You can apply for Critical Illness insurance to suit your needs, up to $2 million.

We offer two different types of Critical Illness insurance, depending on your needs:

Critical Illness Standard – provides cover for five of the most common critical conditions, with a few additional options

Critical Illness Plus – provides cover for over 40 critical conditions, as well as additional optional benefits

You can choose Critical Illness insurance as a stand-alone policy or as an extension to Life Cover insurance.

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Premium options

You can choose to pay your premiums as:

Stepped – as you get older, your insurance premium will vary each year and your benefits will remain the same

Level – your insurance premium does not go up by age-related increases and your benefits will remain the same

Regardless of whether you choose stepped or level premiums, when you renew your insurance each year your premiums may vary due to rate increases, Consumer Price Index (CPI) increases, policy fee increases or if you add additional insurances to your policy.

Funding options

Critical Illness insurance is only available to purchase outside super.

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