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What Is Commercial Insurance Coverage?

People often ask “what is commercial insurance coverage? is that insurance for commercials you see on TV or something??” The short answer to that is no…like many industries there is a part of the insurance industry that is focused on serving the needs of individuals and/or families which is most often referred to as B2C or business to consumer. Separately there is also a B2B side to the insurance industry which is short for business to business and is where businesses provide services and products to other businesses. So “what is commercial insurance coverage?”…it’s insurance for businesses that is provided to those businesses by other businesses which makes it part of the B2B sector. Commercial insurance.

Why Don’t More People Know The Answer To “What is Commercial Insurance Coverage?”

People don’t really know about commercial insurance coverage and often ask what is commercial insurance coverage because typically when people think about insurance they think about their personal home insurance, personal auto insurance and/or life insurance. Most people will never need or use commercial insurance coverage so it’s understandable that there is a lack of knowledge about it and how it works.

What Does Commercial Insurance Coverage Cover?

It’s important to note that commercial insurance coverage isn’t actually a product, rather it’s a term used to explain a specific set of insurance products that are speicifically designed to help businesses protect themselves from losses resulting from risk associated with operating a business. A full list of commercial insurance coverage products ALIGNED’s Canadian insurance brokers CLICK HERE, but we’ve also highlighted some of our more popular commercial insurance coverage related posts and products below:

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