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If there is anyone dependent on your income or the work you do for your home then you need to have life insurance. The problem arises in that life insurance is misunderstood by many Americans because of the variations in coverage as well as how often people get classified into the wrong category of life insurance by applying to the wrong life insurance company or working with an inexperienced agent. At TAIK Insurance Associates we are dedicated to matching you with the best policy and company so that you can get the perfect mix of coverage and price. Best life insurance companies.

Our goal is to help you get life insurance so that you can protect your loved onesand to feel confident that you have chosen the absolute best life insurance company for your needs. To help you in your search, we created a list of the top life insurance companies.

Each of the companies has a little write up and they are sorted alphabetically. Since they are so similar in how well they are run we felt giving them actual rankings to be a little unfair. We recommend these as the best life insurance companies for the national market:

Best Life Insurance Companies of 2016

American General Life Insurance Company

Part of the AIG insurance group, American General frequently has the best rates for term life insurance on the market. AM Best has given then an “A” rating putting them in the top level of insurance companies for financial stability. When American General shows up with the best rates we are confident our clients are making a good decision in using this company. Learn more in our American General Life Insurance review.

Banner Life insurance Company

Funeral insurance

Banner has an A+ rating from AM Best and is very competitive in the term life insurance market. Because of their competitive rates for smokers, we continue to place a lot of business through Banner and their customer service has been a pleasant surprise to our clients. Learn more in our Banner Life Insurance Company review.

Prudential Life Insurance Company

“The Rock” is very competitive in specific health and lifestyle risk categories. They have aggressive underwriting means they make sure people get the right coverage for their risk category. Many times they will be the only company that offers a policy when other companies decline. With an “A+” AM Best rating they are also a great bet for financial security. Learn more in our Prudential review.

For term life insurance companies TransAmerica is almost always in the running. Having been around for more than 120 years they have emerged as one of the more progressive of the best life insurance companies. Another “A+” rating from AM Best and we do not hesitate to recommend them when their rates put them at the top of the list. Learn more in our Transamerica review.

Company Rankings

Just so you get a good picture of why we picked these four I wanted to explain why we chose these four as our favorites. We looked at three factors. The first is financial stability. You will notice that each of these companies has an A rating or better from AM Best. This means they meet the most stringent of criteria in financial stability. Second is customer service. If we have had continued problems dealing with a company then we don’t recommend them to you. The last thing you or your loved ones need is for the life insurance company to delay paying out when you have already suffered the loss of a family member. Finally we look at market behavior. The best life insurance companies will conduct themselves honorably and with the utmost respect for other companies.

Term policy quote

While these are our top four picks we represent over 50 of the top life insurance companies in the nation. There are tons of companies out there, these are, in our opinion, the best term life insurance companies. So people frequently as how we determine our top list.

How do you Determine the Best Life Insurance Companies?

When it comes to one company vs another we picked the above four companies out of a list of the top 20 life insurance companies. We keep this list based off of our experience over the last decade or more. As our team has good and bad experiences with different insurers they take notes and then do their own personal life insurance company ratings at the end of each month. We take that data and merge it with information on the financial health of the different insurance providers.

Other Reputable Companies

While the four above are whom we consider to be the top companies in 2014 there are many life insurance companies that receive excellent ratings from the four ratings companies. The other companies we consider to be in the top 20 by ratings are:

Mass Mutual Life Insurance – A++

New York Life Insurance – A++

Cheapest term insurance

If you are looking for life insurance quotes then use the form on this page or please call us. We specialize in smoking and over 50 customers (learn more about over 50 life insurance HERE ), but are able to help anyone with their life insurance options and will recommend the best life insurance company for your individual needs.

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