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Looking for Life Insurance Companies in Dubai, here we have a complete list to buy an insurance plan from the best company of your choice. Life insurance helps serve cushion in time of uncertainty and to lessen the impact of damage in the foreseeable future. Life insurance works just like car insurances but here the thing covered up is your LIFE, not a car. Best life insurance companies.

Nowadays uncertainty and high expenses on medical treatments contribute to an increasing demand of Life insurance products. The life insurance cover helps you in time when you are helpless against any event with a fatal impact either medically or financially.

The family manager is always responsible to undertake such scenarios with all the possible outcomes and conditions that may occur. For life insurance there is no perfect age to get a policy, the preferred time is when you can afford it. Out there in the market, there are a number of life insurance companies in Dubai. Hence, in such a situation it might be difficult to find a perfect match for your needs and requirements.

“Here we are listing-up Top Life Insurance Companies in Dubai, just compare all options to select the best for you.”

Top Life Insurance Companies in Dubai:

MetLife Alico

MetLife Alico has recently changed its name to MetLife Gulf. Its one of the top leading life insurance provider in UAE and specifically Dubai. Metlife is in business since last 60 years and is devoting its energy and time to serve businesses and individuals also. Beside with life and health insurance, Metlife also offers travel insurance. Moreover, the headquarter of the company are located in Dubai, UAE while the business is expanded to Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar.

Metlife Gulf Offers Following Items:

Why Choose MetLife Insurance?

To select MetLife as your partner service you must have to compare the benefits of Metlife insurance with other providers. It is also among top life insurance companies in Dubai. Metlife Gulf offers a number of products and insurance plans with customization options. No matter what’s your location is in UAE, Metlife deals all parts in UAE. To get a life insurance plan from Metlife you have to pass the Medical Check-Up requirements.

Oman Insurance Company

Oman Insurance is in the market for a long time with an aim to serve with outstanding services for protecting wealth and well being. The Company holds its place among leading insurance providers. It operates about 15 branches across UAE, Qatar, and Oman with headquarter in Dubai. The company serves with the same vision as it commits for and holds a good reputation among people.

Whole life policy

Oman Insurance Company Products

Group life or personal accident

Business travel insurance

Why Choose Oman Insurance Company?

The insurance policies are available in multiple currencies with flexible payment plans. Moreover, the customer-centric approach helps them to satisfy the policyholders with a number of facilities and plans. Before deciding to take a look at OIC life Insurance Benefits.

AIG Insurance Company

AIG is an international company which serves millions of customers worldwide. It is a pioneer in insurance industry while serving holistic solutions to its customers. The company is in business from over 60-years, moreover, it has deep roots in middle east region with a number of services and products. Beside to insurance services AIG also partnered with Clemson University to launch an institute for Risk Engineering and Systems Analytics. The aim of this institute is to assess the commercial property risk effectively and efficiently.

AIG Insurance Company Products

Why Choose AIG Insurance

AIG is reputable for its quick claim process beside to their insurance efforts. Even you can initiate a claim process using the online portal. Moreover, the coverage region includes the whole world so don’t worry which part of land do you live in. But, before changing your home location to another region be sure to check with the insurance provider. Before continuing with any other insurance provider have to look on AIG Insurance Benefits.

AXA Gulf Insurance

AXA is also a big company which not only covers life insurance services but also your house, yacht and even travel insurance. It is also an international brand and is renowned for its wide & diverse range of products. AIG is now up to 65-years in the age of business in GCC while providing a number of insurance services. A number of tailor-made solutions are available to meet the demands of a business or individual customer.

In 2015 AXA Gulf also receives an award for Health Insurance Company of Year from Middle East Insurance Industry Awards. Besides to that, AXA also gets an award for Insurer of the Year and Personal Lines Insurer in 2016 from MENA Insurance Awards. Moreover, the award for Best Motor Insurance Product also goes to AXA in UAE and KSA from Bank Middle East Awards.

Insurance co

AXA Gulf Products

Group personal accident

Why Choose AXA Gulf

Although there are other options in the market beside to AXA you will get an international expert panel with AXA Gulf. This panel will help you to understand and evaluate your needs and requirements in your best interest. Moreover, the online process integration helps you to get an instant approval and hassle-free management. Take a deep look into AXA GULF Insurance Benefits.

Zurich Insurance

Zurich is in the insurance business since last 30 years. A big number of the consumer base is trusting on Zurich due to the quality of service and features. Its an international company and ranks among top life insurance companies in Dubai. The company successfully enable itself to attract a big consumer base with hefty returns on policies. Zurich is able to do so because of strong grip on financial market and investment fields. It was founded in 1872 and it is a Switzerland based company.

Zurich Insurance Products

Group Personal Accident

Corporate Life & Pensions

Life insurance and Critical Illness

Why Choose Zurich Insurance?

The cost-effective plans with a high return value bring a success to Zurich in UAE market. The main reason behind this low-cost plans is their business strategy to cut-down overhead cost and operate at low-cost zones. More importantly, Zurich is renowned for its business plans with flexible terms and options. Anyhow before going with any specific company be sure to have a detailed look at Zurich Insurance Benefits.

How to buy life insurance

RAK Insurance Company

One of top insurance provider RAK insurance offers a number of benefits and features within its products. Being as a best regional insurance provider after Oman Insurance it is able to attract a huge consumer base. Since 43-years of long operations while starting as a local insurance provider now RAK Insurance holds its place in the Region. Now RAK insurance is one of the top companies while it offers a wide variety of products either customizable or fixed. It’s up to the client which plan they pick up and which aspects of insurance they are looking for.

RAK Insurance Products

Why Choose RAK Insurance?

RAK insurance provides an unparalleled service to its consumers either in business or personal business sector. The competitive prices and risk management skills take the company to next level while offering best to its customers. It is also among top life insurance companies in Dubai. Moreover, best consultancy and expert advice is another aspect which a client get with RAK Insurance. Moreover, beside to the fact that RAK has the ability to withstand the financial meltdown without getting any impact on brand goodwill, it is still a market leader in Dubai Insurance Market. Check out RAK Insurance Benefits & Details

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