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Sureplan Family Fund funeral insurance as you know is a cost-effective way to fund funeral expenses. But you may not be aware it is also available for your family members, 55 years and under. Although you may not want to plan for funeral cover for a loved one, it can be a good investment; offering peace of mind should any unforeseen circumstances arise. Each person will need to apply individually. Funeral insurance.

As a member of Sureplan Family Fund you no doubt are aware of the many advantages that this funeral cover has over other widely advertised funeral insurance policies ;

Immediate Cover for accidental death and death by natural causes,

Lifetime Cover even though premiums are payable only to age 60,

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Fixed low premiums guaranteed never to rise.

So doesn't it make good sense to ensure that your loved ones are covered in the event some tragedy occurs no matter how unpalatable this thought is? Nobody likes to think that tragedy can strike a child or a grandchild - but it does happen!

As Sureplan Family Fund is an insurance-based fund, the earlier a member joins lower the premium cost. For instance a 10 year old can obtain a cover of $10,291 for only $4.66 per month and pay total premiums of $2,795. With Sureplan Family Fund you can rest assured each member of your family is covered for life; no matter how horrible the thought is.

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Remember superannuation and standard life insurance play their role, but in many cases their funds can be delayed for many weeks until a death certificate is issued and probate is granted. Relying on superannuation or standard life insurance will probably mean that someone else has to pay for your funeral well before these funds are available.

Call the office on 1800 817 105 or email to obtain a membership application. Alternatively, to apply now you can download Disclosure Document.
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