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For exceptional cover at the best price Car ins.

Here at Lifesure we will take the time to understand the correct level of cover you require and will compare up to 15 leading car insurance providers and our own 40 plus policy to find you the best price.

“It was a pleasure to talk to someone with knowledge and intelligence instead of tapping details endlessly into frustrating cyber-space. I would happily recommend Lifesure for their realistic approach to their clients and of course fair price.”

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“I’ve made a couple of windscreen claims and one own fault claim over the 8 years I’ve been with them, and found them to be unflappable and accommodating. Precisely how insurers SHOULD be!”

We are a family run business with over 45 years experience in the insurance industry, based in Cambridgeshire. We are not a call centre.

Our company objective is to ensure we continue to offer high levels of service, a competitive product range whilst maintaining a personal approach.

We will happily offer advice and guidance on all motor insurance matters and always take time to make sure you fully understand any issues that you have raised. Your adviser will also assist if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a claim or just wish to enquire about a possible alteration to your policy.

Once you have spent four or more years building up your no claims bonus you are not going to want to lose it. So, for a slightly higher premium many insurers offer the chance to protect it. This means your hard earned bonus will not be wiped out due to one minor indiscretion.

As long as you have earned at least 4 years no claims, you can pay to safeguard the discount. The cost is normally reasonable, probably something like a 10% additional premium. With this comes peace of mind, considering that your bonus can be reduced by two years following an incident or even wiped out completely if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in two incidents. You may even consider yourself to be blameless. For example, fire and theft claims, a ‘hit and run’ where there is no third party, being hit by an uninsured driver or even whilst recovery of any injuries/excess are outstanding.

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Your bonus represents a financial saving every time you pay your motor insurance premium. If you lose it, it may take years to build it back up and in all that time you will be paying more than you would have had to if you had protected it.

For only a small additional premium you could ensure you do not lose your hard earned no claims bonus if you have an accident.

Protecting your no claims bonus will ensure your discount is unaffected, by any incidents subject to specific limits on the number of claims within a set period (normally no more than 2 claims in a 3 year period).

If you choose Protected Bonus when taking the policy, you will keep your no claim bonus providing you have no more:

If you lose your bonus it will take a minimum of two years to build it up again, maybe even longer.

We have a library full of articles and practical advice that we have written for our customers on a variety of topics including motoring safety and tips on saving money.

You will need to supply us with the latest renewal notice from your current insurer or a letter on their headed paper confirming the number of years discount you have. The letter will also need to include your name, the policy number and policy expiry date.

Without the proof from your previous insurer, it is likely that the premium quoted will increase.

Generally yes, but it is possible that the addition will incur an increase in your premium. Please telephone us with the details of the person including their full name, date of birth, occupation, type of driving licence held and information about any convictions or claims made.

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Do I need to tell you if any of my details have changed?

Yes, we need to be informed about any change to your personal details or your circumstances. Please call us on 01480 402460.

I’ve been convicted of a minor speeding offence; do I need to let you know?

Any change, however minor it may seem, should be reported to us. Not all offences will result in an increase of premium, but they need to be recorded on your file.

We would also need to be informed if you were involved in an accident whilst driving another vehicle.

I’m going on holiday in Europe; do I need to let you know?

Providing that the trip does not exceed the period limit in your policy, and is within the territorial limits of your policy, we do not need to be made aware of the journey. Our car insurance policies automatically include a number of days for foreign travel; please consult your policy document for the details.

If however, your trip is of a longer duration or you are going to exceed the total number of days over more than one trip, then please call us to extend your cover.

Do I need to inform you about modifications to my car that I am considering?

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If the modifications will increase the performance of your vehicle, then yes we need to be informed. Common modifications that we need to be aware of (but not limited to) include engine enhancements, changes to the exhaust system.

We also need to made aware of cosmetic changes to your vehicle including upgrading the spoilers, skirts and alloys, and also if you have lowered the suspension.

I have business use on my policy; does it cover other drivers?

Your certificate of insurance will specify who can drive your car for business use: this is normally just the policyholder, but may include a spouse, partner or other named driver if you requested business cover for them. If you are unsure, please telephone us.

Your Certificate of Insurance will state if you can drive other cars that do not belong to you. However you should be aware that the protection provided is the minimum cover as required under the Road Traffic Act (third party only).

This cover does not normally extend to driving vans, motorcycles or HGV’s.
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