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TruStage Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance means you can’t be turned down because of your health, or any reason. This policy is designed to help free your loved ones from funeral costs, medical bills and unpaid debts. Guaranteed life insurance.

Permanent, lifelong protection as long as payments are made

Rates never increase, coverage never decreases

No health questions or exam

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TruStage Whole Life offers permanent coverage that never decreases and rates locked in for life. With TruStage Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life, you’re guaranteed the same benefits with no risk of being turned down, not even because of your health. (Benefits are limited the first two years to guarantee your acceptance.)

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TruStage Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance provides guaranteed coverage for your entire life as long as your premiums are paid. There are no health questions to answer or medical exams to complete. (To guarantee your acceptance, benefits are limited in the first two years.) TruStage Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life is the quick, easy way to get covered—so you can make a good choice today that could help provide for your family.

Unlike term insurance, which ends after a specific amount of time, this protection is in force for your entire life. As long as premiums are paid, the company can never cancel your coverage or increase your premium, regardless of age or failing health. Only you can cancel your coverage.

You can borrow against the cash value and use the money for any needs that arise. Any unpaid loan balance, plus interest, is subtracted from the death benefit.

Because we know how important it is for both spouses to have adequate protection, this coverage is available to your eligible spouse, too. Even if you don't apply, your eligible spouse can. (Call us for spouse rates.) The definition of spouse includes a legal partner as defined by state law.

When you receive your Policy, read it over carefully. Show it to your family, friends or a personal advisor. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return your Policy within 30 days. Any premiums paid will be refunded in full, no questions asked. There is no further obligation. Guaranteed.

To guarantee your acceptance, your policy is subject to certain limitations in the first two years: 1) If your death is accidental, we will pay your coverage in full; 2) if your death is not accidental, your benefits are limited to a return of 100% of premiums plus 10%, 3) if death results from suicide (one year in ND), benefits are limited to a return of premiums without interest. Review your policy for complete details.

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REPLACING YOUR LIFE INSURANCE POLICY? Are you thinking about buying a new policy and discontinuing or changing an existing policy? If you are, your decision could be a good one - or a mistake. You will not know for sure unless you make a careful comparison of your existing policy and the proposed policy. Make sure you understand the facts. Below you will find a check list of some of the items you should consider in making your decision. TAKE TIME TO READ IT.

How do you get life insurance

Do not let one agent or insurer prevent you from obtaining information from another agent or insurer which may be to your advantage.

Hear both sides before you decide. This way you can be sure you are making a decision that is in your best interest.

We are required to notify your existing company that you may be replacing their policy.

If the policy coverages are basically similar, premiums for a new policy may be higher because rates increase as your age increases.

Cash values and dividends, if any, may grow slower under a new policy initially because of the initial costs of issuing a policy.

Your present insurance company may be able to make a change on terms which may be more favorable than if you replace existing insurance with new insurance.

If you borrow against an existing policy to pay premiums on a new policy, death benefits payable under your existing policy will be reduced by the amount of any unpaid loan, including unpaid interest.

Current interest rates are not guaranteed. Guaranteed interest rates are usually considerably lower than current rates. What rates are guaranteed?

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Are premiums guaranteed or subject to change - up or down?

Participating policies pay dividends that may materially reduce the cost of insurance over the life of the contract. Dividends, however, are not guaranteed.

CAUTION, you are urged not to take action to terminate, assign, or alter your existing life insurance coverage until after you have been issued the new policy, examined it and have found it to be acceptable to you.

And, REMEMBER, you have thirty (30) days following receipt of any life insurance policy to examine its contents. If you are not satisfied with it for any reason, you have the right to return it to the insurer at its home or branch office or to the agent through whom it was purchased, for a full refund of premium.

For all residents except, D.C., FL: Any person who knowingly presents a false or fraudulent claim for payment of a loss or benefit, or knowingly presents false information in an application for insurance may be guilty of a crime and subject to fines and confinement in prison, and denial of insurance benefits, depending on state law. You may designate a third party to receive notice of your policy cancellation due to nonpayment. To do this, send a written request to the PO Box printed on the application and include the third party's name and address.

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