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To find your term life insurance rates by age, scroll down to find your age bracket. Click the header on the age bracket for information specific to that decade of your life. There are links there which will lead you to specific rates by age. Term life insurance rates by age.

Your age is the number one factor in determining the price you pay for life insurance. While it’s a morbid thought, every year we get closer to the average lifespan for someone living in the United States. There are other factors like medical history, family history, and whether you smoke. Yet while these impact on your life insurance rates, everything is based on your biological sex and your age at the time you apply for coverage.

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We split the page into decades of your life with information about buying life insurance in that age bracket. It’s easier than scrolling through 58 years of information. This page is a work in progress which we update as we put together industry information with as little jargon as possible. If you don’t see your specific age, we may still be working on it. Please give us a call at 858-703-6178 to get answers you don’t see here.

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Purchasing life insurance in your 20s is just not very common. Most people focus on other things such as building their career or finding Mr./Mrs. Right and starting a family. There are other expenses to think about like paying off student loans, replacing your first car, and starting to invest your new income into either investment or retirement accounts.

Buying life insurance in your 20s can come with tremendous advantages. Most people are as healthy as they will ever be. Not to say that everything is downhill from here, but many people start having minor medical issues in their 30s that were inconceivable in their 20s.

20 to 29 year olds generally buy life insurance either because they have a child they want protected or to make sure any debts they have incurred don’t negatively impact a spouse. Or perhaps they want to protect a parent who cosigned a loan.

Prices are the absolute lowest in this decade of your life because most people are healthy. Plus, on average, you have another 50 to 60 years of life ahead of you living in the United States.

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Purchasing life insurance in your 30s starts to get more common as family size increases. People begin thinking about things like investment, mortgages, and college tuition for their children. You may still be paying off your student loans or have a new baby, but the life insurance you may not have needed in your 20s might soon be an after dinner discussion.

Most people buy life insurance in their 30s because of their families. New mothers and fathers have a million and one things to worry about. Everything from what your little bundle of joy has managed to get into his mouth this time to what she should wear on her first day of school. Protecting your family is a worry that can be quickly and easily eliminated. Which leaves only a million other worries that aren’t as easy to dispatch.

The other frequently cited reason people purchase life insurance in their 30s is peace of mind. Your group of friends from your 20s are now in different life stages. Some with families, some without. Some with rock-star careers and others still living with their parents. Peace of mind as you move to establish yourself is one less worry on your plate. Whether your surviving family would be your spouse, parents, siblings or children, your life insurance company will hand them a check when everyone else is asking for money.

The good news is in your 30s most people are still pretty healthy. It’s not quite as inexpensive as purchasing a policy in your 20s. Yet if you didn’t need it then, why bother?

Purchasing life insurance in your 40s is where most people start. The children are growing. Maybe they’re even approaching college if you started a family in your 20s. College tuition and mortgages may still pose major concerns. Plus care for aging parents can add extra stress.

Most people who buy a life insurance policy in their 40s have one of three reasons. The first reason is to protect their spouse. Taking over child-rearing and being the family’s sole source of income is an enormous challenge. An especially difficult challenge coupled with the grief of losing a spouse.

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The second reason is to protect their home. Couples have often outgrown their first house by this point and need a larger one to accommodate growing children. Or, if they chose not to have children, they’ve moved on to a home which will better appreciate in value. Mortgage protection is high on the priority list.

The third reason is retirement planning. Your 40s are often major contribution years to your 401(k). And for those already maxing out their retirement contributions, permanent life insurance can act as an additional investment vehicle for retirement. Or it can act as a fail-safe if you are suddenly no longer able to contribute.

Most people are in the prime of their careers in their 50s. This is it. You’ve gone through all the kids’ activities while maintaining date night with your spouse. Plus kept the mortgage paid and the lawn looking great.

Many parents begin to experience empty nest syndrome. The children are off beginning their own lives so the prime reasons for life insurance go back to centering around your spouse. Similar to the 40s age bracket, the top two reasons for purchasing life insurance is to care for a spouse and retirement planning.

The primary reasons for people purchasing life insurance in their 60s goes back to providing for their spouse. Medicare doesn’t kick in until your mid to late 60s depending on when you were born and health insurance is often expensive for most people by this time.

Medications aren’t getting any cheaper either. Many people develop high blood pressure or high cholesterol in their 50s. Which often leads to or augments other health concerns. Don’t worry too much if you do have high blood pressure or high cholesterol and apply for life insurance. It’s pretty normal and will not dramatically affect your rates with most companies.

Your options for purchasing life insurance in your 60s begin to dwindle as well. For example there are no longer 30 year term options available. There are still many companies who will cover people in their 60s though.

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Term Life Insurance Rates by Age – In Your 70s

When people purchase life insurance in their 70s, they often have extremely different reasons. Some of which include burial expenses, providing college tuition for grandchildren, and potential medical expenses for surviving spouses. While people do buy life insurance in their 70s for a variety of reasons, most people simply retain policies they took out 15 or 20 years earlier.

That being said, there are several options for term life insurance in your 70s. Please call us for more information at 858-703-6178.
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