Business liability insurance. Top 10 Best No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance Companies in 2018

Let’s review the life insurance companies that make up the best choices for no exam life insurance coverage for 2018, so you can find your best option. As we evaluated the different options for no exam insurance companies, we compared price, ease of use, and company strength. If you’re ready to start the application process, you can compare no medical exam term life insurance quotes with fully underwritten quotes or simply enter your info below to start the application process online. Buy life insurance online.

At TermLife2Go, people frequently contact us looking to purchase a “no medical exam” same-day life insurance policy, and we’re experts in helping folks with pre-existing conditions and health issues find life insurance that fits their needs. In fact, we represent a bunch of no medical exam companies that can get you approve online for life insurance in 24 hours or less – some companies will get back with a quote and details on premiums in 15 minutes! One of these no-questions-asked life insurance carriers might be just what you need.

No physical exam life insurance coverage is ideal for those looking to get life insurance quickly (in cases to cover an SBA loan, pre-existing conditions such as high-blood pressure, or for a divorce decree requirement ) and avoid the tedious application process of having a medical examiner come to their home or business to perform an exam. After all, there are serious advantages of choosing no exam versus exam life insurance .

When looking for a no medical exam life insurance policy, make sure that you avoid mistakes that you may regret later.

Common Mistakes When Buying No Medical Exam Life Insurance:

Assuming that you only have one or two different no medical exam life insurance policy options during your application process.

Overpaying for very little life insurance coverage.

Purchasing a policy that will have gradually become more expensive as you age.

Buying an insurance policy that only covers accidental causes of death, and excludes natural causes of death from health issues, such as heart attack, strokes and cancer.

We’re excited to highlight some of the companies that we feel are currently offering some of the top 10 no medical exam term life insurance policies out there and second, to highlight why some types of life insurance policies may be a better than others in certain situations (such as pre-existing medical conditions ).

Now since we offer all of the insurers in our top no exam companies list quite frequently, we’ve chosen to list them in alphabetical order so that it doesn’t appear that we favor any company over the other.

Ultimately the decision on which of these companies is best for you will depend on your unique health situation and what goals you hope to achieve by purchasing life insurance for your family. We also specialize in fully underwritten companies and we’re happy to direct you through that application process, so don’t forget to check out our Best Life Insurance Companies in the United States list if you are considering taking an exam.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Companies Comparison Chart

Please Note: issuance of any no medical exam policy may depend upon the answers to the health questions set forth in the application for that particular carrier.

Types of No Medical Exam Life Insurance Coverage

When you look at all the types of life insurance coverage, it can be overwhelming. Let’s break down the comparisons between different types of no medical exam life insurance coverage, so you understand how to look at different companies and policies.

Simplified Issue life insurance is a type of no medical exam insurance that’s similar to the type of insurance you could get with a medical exam. With this type of life insurance policy, the company might ask to view your medical records or ask you more detailed questions about your medical history. For certain medical issues, you may be rejected for coverage. So this coverage is a preferable if you are in good health.

Guaranteed issue is a type of no medical life insurance policy that’s relatively easy for anyone to qualify for. If you have health issues or pre-existing medical conditions, then guaranteed issue life insurance may be the best option. The process is fast and easy. You won’t need to share medical records or answer tons of medical-related questions, but you will likely pay a higher premium for this kind of coverage than you would for simplified issue life insurance (depending on your unique situation and needs).

Graded death benefit health insurance is similar to guaranteed issue life insurance, but you will be asked some medical questions. Your premium and coverage will highly depend on your unique situation and needs.

Also known as burial insurance, final expense insurance is intended to cover burial/cremation and funeral costs as well as final medical costs. This life insurance coverage is intended to help loved ones with final life costs.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Companies In Depth

Let’s take a closer look at these awesome accelerated underwriting and simplified issue life insurance companies and policies.

American Amicable

Carrying an A.M. Best Company rating of “A,” American Amicable’s no exam life insurance is a no-brainer for many of our clients considering securing protection without having to take an exam or give blood. The Company’s flagship no physical exam product is called Term Made Simple.

Term Made Simple is level premium term life insurance coverage that requires no exam and no blood work. The policy offers many excellent riders and comes in term lengths of 10, 15, 20 and 30 years. Available for ages 18-65 (75 years for 10 year term), this product offers competitive no medical exam life insurance rates, for preferred, standard and standard tobacco health classes.

American National Life Insurance Company

With an A.M Best Company rating of “A” American National Insurance Company (ANICO) needs to be considered when you’re looking at which company is going to provide you and your family with the best no exam life insurance coverage possible.

What makes American National particularly attractive is its wide range of no medical exam life insurance options:

Term life insurance coverage with no exam for 10, 20 or 30 years.

Approval in less than 15 minutes.

This is a whole life insurance no medical exam policy.

Approval in less than 15 minutes.

No exam and no health questions guaranteed issue whole life insurance.

Coverage available up to $25,000.

2 year Graded Death Benefit (If you die in the first 2 years policy returns 110% of premium paid).

You can have coverage in as quickly as 5 minutes.

Fixed premiums and fixed death benefit.


With over 123 years of providing life insurance coverage and an AM Best Company rating of A- (excellent), Assurity is a strong contender when it comes to providing life insurance no exam options.

Ultimately, when it comes down to recommending Assurity, the main deciding factor will be: does Assurity have a product that meets your needs?

Assurity’s Term Life Insurance coverage options consist of the following:

A NonMed Term 350 – This product is available to clients who are between the ages of 18 and 65. With a no medical option insuring qualified applicants up to $350,000 in coverage.

Term 350 Plus – Is also available for individuals over the age of 74 or who are looking to purchase more than $350,000 in life insurance coverage. The only disadvantage to the Term 350 Plus is that it will require a full medical exam.

Assurity also offers a whole life insurance product, which is sold as simplified issue life insurance, fully underwritten life insurance, or single premium life insurance.

Simplified Issued Life Insurance Policy – Benefits are based on the insured’s medical history as determined from a health questionnaire. The exact benefits available will depend on responses.

Fully Underwritten Life Insurance Policies – Are policies that will require further underwriting that a simplified life insurance policy and will typically require a full medical exam.

Single Premiums – Has a guaranteed death benefit and just one payment. There are no recurring costs for this type of policy, but typically the upfront cost of such a policy will make it an unlikely option for most.

Lastly, Assurity Life Insurance company also offers a Universal Life Insurance policy called “Premier Universal Life”.

Premier Universal Life: offers clients a flexible payment schedule for policies of amounts up to $50,000. With these policies, clients can take out a zero-interest loan against the policy, utilizing its cash value, after they have had their policy in place for at minimum of 11 years. The base value can also be boosted by paying more into the policy.

Sample Assurity Non Med Term 350 Simplified Issue Quotes

Sample rate quotes are based on a 50 year old male as of February 2017. Rates are for informational purposes and in no way reflect what your actual rate may be.

Fidelity Life

Fidelity’s Rapid Decision Express: Excellent no exam product offering approvals free from hassles due to Fidelity’s state-of-the-art technology it employs to give clients real time underwriting.

Rapid Decision Express requires you answer a few health questions. And that is about all that is required to qualify for this innovative product, assuming you pass the questions. Approval is fast, sometimes in as little as 5 minutes. Term lengths available vary by age but 10, 15, 20 and 30 year terms are offered.


Foresters in another one of our favorite life insurance companies when it comes time to look for life insurance with no medical exam.

Rated “A”, excellent, by A.M. Best, the premier rating agency, you can sleep easy knowing that your life insurance company has a solid financial footing and will be there for your family if needed.

Foresters also has a solid product line to offer potential clients as well, including:

For someone looking for no medical exam dividend paying whole life insurance, Foresters has a great product here. The participating dividend paying whole life policy is available with no medical exam for face amounts up to $400,000. This is a no exam cash value whole life insurance policy that is currently available in either 20-Pay Whole Life or Paid-Up at 100.

Probably one of the more popular products offered by Foresters is the company’s final expense policy, PlanRight Whole Life Insurance.

The PlanRight Whole Life Insurance policy is a permanent no medical exam policy that has guaranteed level premiums with one of the lowest rates on the market today. In fact, we believe that the PlanRight Whole life insurance option makes Foresters one of the best final expense insurance companies available.

With that being said, there are health questions and requirements that must be met, which is why the PlanRight Whole Life Insurance policy may not work for everyone.

The product comes in three flavors: Fixed, graded, and modified.

Fixed Death Benefit: the death benefit is 100% of the face value from the start.

Graded Death Benefit: there is a limited death benefit the first two years. You will receive the greater of the sum of the total premium paid accumulated with 4.5% interest or 30% of the face amount in effect for the first year and 70% in effect on the second year. After the first two years the death benefit is 100%.

Modified Death Benefit: limited death benefit the first two years based on return of premium paid plus 10%. After the first two years the death benefit is 100%.

Gerber Life Insurance

While best known for their baby food and their Gerber grow up plan, you should consider Gerber Life insurance company when looking at a burial life insurance policy offering life insurance no health questions required.

With an A.M. Best Company rating of “A”, along with a cash value whole life insurance no medical exam policy, providing coverage up to $25,000 dollars, it’s easy to see why Gerber Life Insurance made our list.

Ultimately, when it comes time to purchase a Gerber Life insurance policy, we’ll ask ourselves these questions: can the applicant “medically” qualify for a different policy? If not, this no medical questions policy is a great option.

If another policy is available, then we see how Gerber life insurance compares with regards to price and whether the alternative option has a waiting period. If the client can’t qualify “medically” elsewhere, Gerber Life Insurance is a great company to get insured with.

Car insurance policy

Sample Gerber Guaranteed Issue No Exam Life Insurance Quotes

Guaranteed issue life insurance quotes are based on a 66 year old male as of February 2017. Rates are for informational purposes and do not reflect a guarantee as to what your rate will be.

Mutual of Omaha (United of Omaha)

Mutual of Omaha offers life insurance no medical exam policies for face amounts under $250,000. And for ages 45-85, United of Omaha Life Insurance Company offers a great no exam whole life insurance policy on face amounts ranging from $2,000 to $40,000. Please note that there is a background check required on these policies, which include review of the medical information bureau and prescription drug database.

North American Company

LifeVue Simplified Issue: Simplified issue term life insurance policy available in 15, 20 and 30 year terms. Since LifeVue is a simplified issue policy, the company does require you answer health and lifestyle questions but it does not require that you take a medical exam, undergo a blood draw, or provide a urine sample, making it one of the fastest online life insurance policies out there.

$50,000 life insurance no exam up to $500,000 life insurance no exam.

Accelerated Death Benefit.

Multiple Underwriting Classes:

Phoenix Life

Safe Harbor Term Life Express is unique in the no medical exam market due to its living benefits. This life insurance without medical policy for ages 18-80 features:

Term Length: 10, 15, 20 and 30 Year (availability based on age)

Face Amounts: $25,000 to $400,000 (availability based on age)

Accelerated Benefit Riders (where available):

Unemployment waiver of premium rider

Principal Financial Group

The Principal Financial Group offers no medical exam term and no exam universal life insurance. Face amounts of up to $1,000,000 life insurance no exam are available for individuals and up to $2,000,000 no physical exam policies are available for Survivor Life Insurance .

The pricing on the company’s life insurance with no medical exam policy is very competitive with traditional fully underwritten “exam required” policies. The company refers to its no medical policy as accelerated underwriting which can take as little as 48 hours for approval.

To qualify, an applicant must fill out an application, which is followed by a phone interview that can be taken immediately or set for a future date to accommodate the client’s schedule. The underwriter evaluates the results from the telephone application, Motor Vehicle Report, Prescription database check and Medical Information Bureau report.

You either pass the initial interview, and therefore, no medical exam is required. The policy is then issued by the carrier and you are on your way.

Alternatively, an exam may be requested based on the results from the various reports. Roughly 50-60% of applicants who are in good health are approved without having to take an exam or submit labs.

Principal Financial offers extremely competitive life insurance rates and coverage with no medical exam. The company’s 10 and 20 year term life insurance rates are sometimes the most competitive in the market, even compared to exam policies.

Sample The Principal Financial Group Life Insurance Quotes

All quotes are based on a preferred plus 45 year old male as of February 2017. Rates are subject to change and are meant for comparison purposes only.


It’s tough to create a list of the top 10 best no medical exam life insurance companies in the United States today without at least mentioning Sagicor Life Insurance Company.

Sagicor’s strong A.M. Best Company rating of A-, along with its quick and easy underwriting process, makes it one of the favorites at TermLife2Go and for anyone wanting life insurance coverage with no medical exam and no waiting period.

Many of our clients who do not want a medical exam due to time constraints or a fear of needles have been placed with Sagicor.

The face amounts on no medical exam term life insurance range from $25,000 no exam life insurance all the way up to $500,000 no exam life insurance.

The face amounts on the no medical exam universal life insurance also ranges from $25,000 to $500,000. Sagicor’s no medical exam term and universal life insurance rates are very competitive, often taking the top spot for simplified issue carriers.

Sagicor also excels in fast approval times. The typical application process for the simplified issue no exam term or no exam universal life insurance policy can usually be completed in less than 30 minutes, and that’s including your wait time for approval!

Sample Sagicor No Medical Exam Life Insurance Quotes

All sample quotes are based on a preferred male applying for 250,000 10 year term no medical exam coverage as of February 2017. Rates are for informational purposes only and are subject to change.


Founded in 1928, for the purpose of serving the small business and farming community, Transamerica has gone on to become one of the premier life insurance companies in the country today.

With an outstanding A+ rating from A.M. Best Company, and practically zero overall consumer complaints, it’s no wonder that Transamerica continually ranks as one of the number one insurance companies for customer satisfaction.

For this reason and this reason alone, when given an option, Transamerica life insurance should always be at the top of anyone’s list when considering which insurance company to go with.

Another great reason to choose Transamerica is the company’s living benefits life insurance option. You can get life insurance coverage with no medical exam up to $249,999 with a critical illness rider, chronic illness rider, terminal illness rider and disability rider.

Finally, Transamerica also provides some of the best life insurance for seniors in the market, making it one of the top choices for older clients.

Sample Transamerica No Medical Exam Life Insurance Quotes

All quotes are based on a 50 year old male at a standard rate as of February 2017. Rates are for comparison purposes and do not reflect what your rate may or may not be.

Top Ten No Exam Life Insurance Companies

We compare life insurance policies and offer offer dozens of different top-rated life insurance companies to choose from, from conventional exam policies to cutting-edge no exam policies. Life insurance isn’t a one-size-fits all deal. That’s why we do the legwork for you to find the best policy for your specific needs.

We’re constantly reviewing pricing and underwriting guideline changes, so we stay up-to-date of any advances within the industry. Today’s top no exam life insurance companies are not necessarily going to be the same down the road.

Because of new innovation, it is important for you, the consumer, to choose a life insurance agency that is not bound to any one life insurance company and whose sole purpose is to find you and your family the coverage you deserve…an agency such as TermLife2Go.

About TermLife2Go

TermLife2go is an agency that works with dozens of top rated companies. Our #1 priority is to find you the best company at the best price…for you! That means we tailor a policy specifically to you because no two clients are alike.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you find the lowest whole and term life insurance rates for both exam and life insurance no exam. Let us leverage our expertise for you and see if we can’t save you thousands of dollars on life insurance.

We do not favor one life insurance company over another. Instead, we find out what you need and then we recommend the lowest priced, best no medical exam life insurance company that we know of to meet your specific need. Therefore, if price matters to you, give us a chance to earn your business. We are here to serve you! Call today.

Thank you for reading our article, Top 10 Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance Companies. Please leave any comments or questions below.

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My boyfriend has stage 4 cancer and is on home hospice. We don’t know how long he’ll be here with I’d like to get some kind of life insurance for him for $5,000 – $25,000, is that at all possible?

We’re sorry to hear about your boyfriend and would certainly like to do anything that we can to help. The problem that we have is that at this point is that your boyfriend will only be able to qualify for a guaranteed issue life insurance policy which are only available to folks over the age of 45.

So, is your boyfriend over the age of 45?

From there we run into our second problem which is that guaranteed issue life insurance policies will only begin to cover “natural causes” of death after the policy has been in place for a minimum of 2 years (and sometimes 3).

You’re best bet (in our opinion) would be to just give us a call, so that we can go over your options with you, and let you know what it would cost should you decide to move forward with a policy.

By your comment… “10,000 dollars”, we’re assuming that you would like to receive a quote for a $10,000 dollar life insurance policy.

Now we’d be happy to help you out with that but we’re going to need a bit more information before we can start. Information such as:

From there, we can narrow down what options might be available to you and if it looks like one of these options might work, we can then look at exactly what you will be able to qualify for.

Can I purchase guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy on someone without them having to be contacted or sign anything?

Can you purchase this kind of policy if someone might have dementia?

We require that all of our agents speak directly with the proposed insured. It might be possible for you to be able to purchase a policy like you are suggesting, but you would want to speak directly with the carriers themselves to see if this is possible.

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I need life insurance. I’m on a fixed income.i can’t afford a high price

Good life insurance policy

Understood. Just give us a call and we’ll see if we have something that might fit into your budget.

I was wondering how to go about getting affordable life insurance for my husband with no medical exam or health questions. He is 74 years old with Huntington’s disease.

Depending on which state you live in, it’s possible that you may be able to purchase a Guaranteed Acceptance life insurance policy. We would just need to know how much coverage you were looking for before we would know how “affordable” or “expensive” it would be.

When you have a chance, just give us a call and we’ll see if we can’t find a policy that will fit within your budget.

I was wondering if your insurance ask health questions? My husband needs life insurance with no medical exams or health questions.

Some insurance companies will ask questions others won’t. That said however, if you’re looking for more than $25,000 dollars in coverage, you’re probably going to need to answer a few medical questions.

Looking for life insurance with no medical (no needles) and without private pilot exclusion. Would you know if any of the listed companies offer this? Thanks, Larry

We’ll have an agent reach out to you regarding what options might be available.

I’m 44 yrs old with history of Lupus looking for life insurance. Will I qualify? Like 250,000-500,000?

Before we can answer that question, we would need to know more about you and your situation. We will have an agent reach out to you to gather so additional details.

I’m 43 yr old female suffering from spinal stenosis & depression( on antidepressants & gabapentin ). Due to my medications I’m not getting approved for life insurance even though I don’t suffer any life threatening disease. Please let me know my choices

We would need to know which companies have already declined you so that we can determine if we might have an alternative for you to pursue. For this reason, why don’t you just give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll do our best to help you out.

I have type 2 diabetes i just now realize that i need to controlmy sugar levels better and have high cholesterol could i still get a 50,000.00 policy with my health issues

It will all depend on how “uncontrolled” your diabetes is. If you give us a call we can go over your options as well as advice you what “numbers” life insurance companies like to see when underwriting individuals who have diabetes and elevated cholesterol levels.

I’m 63 female never a smoker. Have diabetes and take meds for that also have a thyroid problem. Other wise I’m in great shape. Docs can’t believe how great of shape I am. Looking for coverage of 100,000 or more.

We’d be happy to help you out, just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Currently on SSD. 56 yr old male smoker.

3 blockages and a stent. Diabetic. Looking for a 10k policy. Help!

Please be on the lookout for an email from one of our agents who will reach out to you shortly.

Sounds good, just give us a call when you have a chance so we can learn more about what you’re looking for.

I am looking for benefits for life insurance coverage for my husband he is 57 this year. He had a health scare last year a unexplained siezure episode, all test came back negative, no reason. Under physicians care on anti siezure meds as preventative. Back to work all is good, but on the proactive side, I am looking for life insurance in case the unexpected happens.

Recommendations for insurance?

We would be happy to try to try and help you and your husband out, just give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll see what we can do for you.

I have a 50yr old male friend that has cancer can he get life insurance and how much.

Your friend should be able to qualify for a guaranteed issue life insurance policy, which usually “cap” out right around $25,000 dollars in coverage. For more information on these types of life insurance policies, we would encourage you to give us a call and check out this article:

55 year old male. MI occured in 2006, very healthy and stable since. Stent installed in 2006. 6″5″, 225 lbs. Non smoker. Father died of heart failure at 48. Mother of cancer at 55. Both smoked. I have regular blood work checks (2X/year) and cardio checks, stress tests, e.t.c. bi-yearly. Exercise regularly. Looking for 250-300 K coverage for 15 years. No bungee jumping or sky diving:). Health has been excellent since 2006 MI.

Please be on the lookout for an email from one of our agents who has been assigned to assist you in your search.

Need a quote. Email only Thanks!

That’s great, but we don’t know a thing about your or how much coverage your looking for, and without at least the very basics, we simply wouldn’t know where to start.

I am 39 years old with high blood pressure and my mom is 71 years old and she is on dialysis. Would we be eligible to get life insurance.

That really isn’t enough information for us to be able to answer the question truthfully. You’re best bet would be to just give us a call and we’d be happy to explore all of your options with you then.

So I’m looking for “no exam” coverage at $300,000 for 20 years. I am 54 right now. I quit smoking but only in the last six months. I have no other medical health problems. (no blood pressure, cholestoral, diabetes, cancers, etc, etc. no family history of parents who have died of any of these things, and my mother is 84.) Am small or right sized shall we say at 5’4″ and 128 pounds. I am taking two medicines for anxiety – Lamictal 200mg 1x a day, and Clonazapam 1mg 1x a day.) What do you think the rate would be? Is it the “preferred tobacco” rate I ran online? Or something better due to my overall good health? Thanks very much for your response. (PS How’s that for a lot of specific information.)

Any tobacco rate will generally be 2 to 3 times higher than a non tobacco rate of the same “rate class”. The problem that you’ll currently run into is that you need to be 100% tobacco free for 12 months before you can qualify for a “non-tobacco” rate.

So, for the purposes of comparing rates, we would suggest that you compare standard tobacco vs standard or standard plus non-tobacco with the understanding that these rates will only be available once you are 12 months tobacco free.

We suggest looking at standard and standard plus rates simply because qualifying for a preferred rate can be difficult immediately after quitting smoking and being on two medications that treat for anxiety will only exacerbate this dilemma. Now you certainly may qualify for a preferred rate, but without knowing more, we wouldn’t want to “over promise” anything without knowing a bit more about your situation.

My fiancé has type 2 diabetis and congentinal heart failure would he qualify for life insurance….

We will need some additional info. For the sake of privacy, please give us a call or respond to the email we sent over.

I’m looking to get life insurance on my sister and my mom. Both are unemployed at the moment. My sister who is 25 has some unpaid bills, a couple of kids that are not in her custody at this time, and child support that she is responsible for. My mom is loving on SSI and both I don’t believe can afford or have thought about getting Life insurance. Is it possible to not require any medical exam or medical questions? Thank you.

It’s certainly possible for both your mother and sister to qualify for a No Medical Exam life insurance policy, but we would first need to know how much coverage you are looking for as well as ask them some questions about their health in order to see if they would qualify.

For these reasons, why don’t you just give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Id like a qoute please and info sent to my adress XYZ ohio 44691 thank you

As you can imagine, there are a ton of factors that will come into play when determining what type of quote you can qualify for. For example, how old are you? And how much insurance are you looking for?

For this reason, we’ll need to ask you to give us a call so that we can learn more about you before we can mail anything out to your home.

· How much coverage do you want? 3 million

· How long do you need coverage (10, 15, 20, 30 years, or lifetime)? I would like the longest term I can get.

· What is your height/weight? 6 feet 200 pounds

· Have you used any tobacco in the past 5 years? No

· Are you taking any prescription medications? Yes, insulin and a blood thinner.

· Have you had any major health history like heart problems, cancer, stroke, diabetes, etc? I have diabetes and I have to take a blood thinner to prevent possible pulmonary embolism.

· Any family history of heart disease, cancer, or stroke in your parents or siblings prior to age 60? No, none.

· Do you have any DUI’s, or multiple driving violations in the past 3 years? No.

· Do you have any foreign travel planned outside of North America in the next 2 years? No.

· Do you have any felony convictions, or open bankruptcies? No.

You understand that I will be 80 years of age in March of next year. Please let me know and I look forward to hearing from you.

What does it mean 10 year guaranteed term? Is there a ten-year policy term I can get where I can get a guarantee I can renew it in 10 years?

While we appreciate you taking the time and writing us back with the answers to these questions, because you’re asking for such a large amount of life insurance coverage, and you’re 79 years of age, we’ll really need to learn more about you before we would be able to accurately quote any type of life insurance policy for you.

For this reason, why don’t you just give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll do our very best to help you out.

Which companies cover you for full amount immediately

Most if not all life insurance companies that require you to answer medical questions and/or take a medical exam will provide full coverage once you’ve been approved.

Now there are products known as “guaranteed issue” life insurance products that won’t ask any medical questions or require a medical exam, however, these types of life insurance products will not cover “natural” causes of death for a certain period of time (typically 2-3 years) once the policy goes into force.

Mutual life insurance

For more information, just give us a call and we’d be happy to see what types of life insurance policies you can qualify for.

Good day! I have been searching for the appropriate whole life insurance for my husband and I that does not require any medical exams. My husband, who is 50+ does not have any known medical conditions. However, I am 44 and have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and have had three major surgeries. I have had back surgery and two total hip replacements. What type of life insurance can be offered unto us that will not burn our pockets. He is the only one working and I am receiving SSA. Please help!

While we would love to give you an idea on what a qualify life insurance policy might run you, without knowing some of the basics such as:

– How much coverage are you looking for?

– What is your current height and weight?

It would irresponsible for us to venture a guess.

This is why we would recommend that you simply give us a call when you have an opportunity and we’ll be happy to go over all of your options with you.

I am 81+1/2 and my husband just turned 84. So many life insurance Co’s. advertise they have coverage to age 85, but when I entered our respective information, the message came up: “no coverage available based on your information.” Does that mean there is NO coverage for people past the age of 80?

Emlyn, please keep a lookout for our email reply. Thank you.

My husband is 67 years old with only High Blood Pressure. He takes 2 Blood Pressure meds. per day. I need to get him life insurance, that will remain for at least 15 or more years. His mother is still living ay 97 years old walking and cooking, and his father died at 83. So his expectancy of life looks pretty long.

From what you’ve told us thus far, it doesn’t sound like he’ll have an issue qualifying for life insurance, we would of course would need to learn more.

Why don’t you just give us a call so that we can get a better idea about what rates he’ll be able to qualify for so that way you’ll have a better idea about what the insurance may cost.

I am looking for a 10 Year $100,000 life insurance

Sounds good, just give us a call and we’ll see what you can qualify for.

A friend of mine has a 12 year old son. She would like to buy life insurance on the father of her son. She wants to use the funds for the benefit of her son should something happen to his father. Can she be the owner of the policy and the beneficiary without the father having a physical exam? He is 36 years old with no know problems.

It sounds like your friend has all the reasons in the world to want to get life insurance in place on the father of her child, and the good news is there will probably be many options to choose from that will allow your friend to be the “owner” of the policy and not require him to have to take a medical exam!

Your best bet would be to simply have your friend give us a call when she has an opportunity so that we can go over some of the numbers and see if it’s something that she wishes to pursue further.

Interested in life insurance

That’s great, just give us a call during normal business hours or simply request a quote and we’ll have an agent reach out to you as soon as possible.

What if I buy a guaranteed acceptance policy while I have COPD, congestive heart failure, and kidney failure and end up dying from one of those conditions three years into my policy, would my family still get my full face value of the policy, or would they just have their premiums refunded+interest?

Provided that you purchase a policy that only has a 2 year graded death benefit, once that graded death benefit has expired (AKA 2 years and 1 minute), your guaranteed issue life insurance policy will pay out for the full face amount of your policy regardless of how you should die (exceptions for suicide may still apply).

Prior to actually purchasing your guaranteed issue life insurance policy, we’ll be glad to show you where “within” the policy that this is clearly stated.

need life insurance for my mother

Sounds good, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help you out!

I love to read articles like this to help me better understand how to help my own clients. Great stuff. Thank you.

What the diferences in Health Class amount Regular/Regular Plus. Since found out in Nov of 2015 that I had Type 2 diabetes my weight when from 237 to 278. My A1C went from 8.2 to 6.5 I’m doing it without taking any medication. All other readings from my blood test are in the good range. What Health Class would I put considered. Thanks

Congrats on the weight loss and controlled A1C, that’s fantastic! It should also make getting life insurance a lot easier for you.

Now in regards to the difference in what a Regular/Regular Plus rate class is, they are basically just categories that the insurance company will use to determine what price your insurance will be.

That being said, there are lots of reasons why someone may qualify for a Regular or Standard rate vs someone who may qualify for a Regular Plus or Standard Plus, which one you will qualify for will depend on a lot of factors (age, height and weight, pre-exiting medical conditions, prescription medication history, family medical history, etc, etc…).

Additionally, since it sounds like you have been diagnosed with diabetes in the past, and may have even been prescribed medications for treating your blood sugar levels, most insurance companies will generally still consider you a “diabetic”.

This is why we would generally recommend that you narrow down your search options to those life insurance companies that tend to offer current or “previous” diabetic’s the best rates.

Why don’t you just give us a call when you have a chance and we’ll do the best that we can to help you out.

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My husband is 62yrs old. He has COPD and is currently taking medication to remain smoking free. He had stints into each leg and just received on in carotid artery. Can he still get life insurance? We are needing something to cover our mortgage should something happen in the next 20-30 years. Thank you

From what you’ve described, it sounds like a guaranteed issue product might be your best bet. Just give us a call and we’ll happily go over all of your options.

Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to get you a quote.

I had a stint put in over 5 yrs ago and do take a heart Medan blood pressure pill. However I’ve not had any problems or stopped working. I’m still employed as a river boat captain and have a yearly physical for the coast guard and have passed everyone. I’m having trouble getting 100,000 insurance policy on me. I have it through my job but am wanting additional so my live in girlfriend will be ok if something happens to me. Can you help please

It sounds like you should be eligible, but without learning more we simply wouldn’t be able to say. Why don’t you give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

If my fiancee has had a few health issues and he is 34 and he is worried about what would happen to me and who would take care of me if something happens to him and he doesn’t want to deal with the medical exams and just want to make sure I am not stuck with a bunch of bills and enough to get back on my feet. He has made the mistake of contacting a few componys and been rejected for taking pain meds for his issues. So what is it that he can do?

Give us a call, and we’d be happy to review your fiancee’s situation and see if we can help him out. If possible, please have a list of the companies that you’ve already spoken along with a list of the medications that he has been prescribed so that we can narrow down his options as quickly as possible.

I’m really happy that I found this site, I lost my job 10/15 and lost my insurance. Due to my TBI I did not have the ability to carry over my life insurance for my wife and I. Now I have been beating myself up trying to find us coverage with no medical exam. I’ll be making a call ASAP.

We’re sorry to hear about your injury and subsequent job loss, but do give us a call when you have a chance, we’d be happy to do everything in our power to try to help you find the life insurance coverage you need.

Very informative as to options available. Good foundation information.

Thanks, we’re glad you enjoyed the article.

My mother has cancer. Can I still get life insurance? we want to be ready for her funeral expenses.

As long as your insurance needs are limited to $25,000 or less, we here at TermLife2Go should be able to find several different insurance companies that will be willing to extend coverage to her (provided that she is over the age of 50).

Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

Can I get life insurance for my girlfriend she had a stroke and how much coverage can I get too. Like 500,000 face value.

There are many different types of life insurance products that your girlfriend could potentially qualify for. Some may require a medical exam while others may simply require that she meets some minimum age requirements. Whether or not any of these policies will meet your needs will ultimately be determined by what you are hoping to achieve by buying life insurance.

– Or simply take care of one’s own final expenses?

The answer to this question as well as a host of others questions regarding your age, height, weight, current health status as well as any previous medical conditions will ultimately determine eligibility.

For this reason, it’s impossible to you give you a simple “Yes” or “No” answer to the question that you’re asking which is why we strongly recommend that you give us a call first thing Monday morning at so that we may review all of your life insurance options with you.

I was told by a Transamerica agent that they will not provide coverage for a person with autism. Is this true?

If Transamerica told you that they won’t insure the person you’re looking for who has autism, then its probably true. With that in mind, it’s important to know that when it comes to finding life insurance coverage for someone who has autism, its generally going to come down to:

“What type of life insurance coverage your looking for?” and “How old is the person seeking life insurance coverage?”

For difficult life insurance cases like those for people who have been diagnosed with autism, we generally recommend that you just give us a call so that we can get a complete picture before making any recommendations.
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