How to buy life insurance online. No Exam Life Insurance - Find the Best Policy - Up to $1,000,000

Almost all life insurance companies offers term life insurance with accelerated underwriting. This is industry speak for a term life policy that does not require an exam. Big companies like Transamerica, AARP, Metlife offer no exam life insurance. See some of the top companies profiled below. Buy life insurance online.

Sagicor Life Insurance

Sagicor is one of the most popular choices for customers looking for quick coverage. Their no exam policies can get approved in minutes, and their rates are competitive. Sagicor has been in business for 175 years and has over 600,000 policy holders. They also are publicly traded with offices in FL, AZ, and OK. They have over $5 billion in assets. Read our full Sagicor life insurance review.

North American Company

Another great choice for quick and easy coverage is North American. Their no exam policies can get issued in real time over the phone with an agent. They have been in business for over 100 years as part of Sammons Financial Group. North American gets rated as A+ with AM Best, as opposed to Sagicor’s BBB-. They have more than 595,000 life insurance and annuity policies on the books. They also have over $22 billion in assets and $117 billion of life insurance in force.

Fidelity Life

Fidelity began with the focus of helping middle Americans get life insurance. The company holds an AM Best rating of A-, and has over $405 million in total assets. They have over $30 billion of life insurance policies in force. The no exam policies from Fidelity over coverage up to $1,000,000. They offer decisions in 24-48 hours.

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United of Omaha Life Insurance

Founded in 1926, United of Omaha has some great options for those in search of fast coverage. Their financial strength rates A+ with AM Best. Their total assets come in at $38.5 billion and they have over $300 billion of life insurance in force.

No Exam Insurance Application Process

When applying for life insurance coverage, it’s important to review the different types of life insurance available. When it comes to a no exam policy there are several types of products available. Simplified issue life insurance is a term life insurance policy. This type of policy requires you to answer health questions. It provides a death benefit and a level term premium that does not increase.

The face amounts available for no exam term life insurance go up to $1,000,000. Older applicants may not be eligible for higher coverage amounts. No medical exam life insurance does not require the physical exam with blood and urine tests. Applicants are still required to answer medical questions.

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The underwriting process involves the insurance company checking medical records from the Medical Information Bureau such as the prescription report. Other insurance products like guaranteed issue life insurance also do not require an exam. Guaranteed issue life insurance allows you to get coverage regardless of past or present health conditions. Guaranteed issue is an option for those with serious health conditions. Accidental death policies can also be an option for those in poor health.

If you are looking for term life insurance, you can apply on our website. If you think you need a guaranteed issue life insurance policy please call 888-407-0714 to speak with an insurance agent.
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