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If you own a mobile home or manufactured home, you may think you are not eligible for a homeowner policy. This is incorrect, however. There is in fact mobile home insurance available especially for you. Mobile home insurance.

What does mobile home insurance cover? This type of insurance policy typically covers the same thing as a traditional homeowner policy. Your dwelling and its contents are protected in the event of a windstorm, fire, lightning, explosion, falling objects, or injuries to visitors on your property (liability).

Your appliances and electronics are covered, as are clothing, furniture, and other personal effects. Additionally, any sheds or unattached structures are covered as well.

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If someone is injured while on your property, your mobile home insurance protects you in the event of a lawsuit. The other party cannot take your home or your personal financial assets to cover damages. It may sound like a remote possibility, but this type of lawsuit happens all the time, even between friends. All it takes is someone getting seriously hurt after a slip or fall. It’s best to be protected with the right mobile home insurance.

For even more liability coverage, you may want to add an umbrella policy. This gives you greater protection and may be right if you need additional have a swimming pool or if you are a dog owner.

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Your mobile home or manufactured home is no different than a conventional house when it comes to needing protection. If your home were damaged in a storm or fire, what would you do otherwise? Where would you live? The right insurance policy can make certain you are back to your normal life as quickly as possible, and it may even cover the expense of living elsewhere if you need extensive repairs or to replace your home.

Give Canyon Pacific Insurance Services a call today at 760-324-4100 to discuss your mobile home insurance needs. Our agents are standing by to help you figure out the best policy for your unique living situation. We’ll help you match a premium with a deductible you can afford, so you can get the policy you need for your peace of mind.

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