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We offer the Travel Health Insurance in two distinct coverage packages: narrow and extensive coverage. All you have to do is to choose the one that matches your needs. Travel health insurance.


Medical Treatment on an Outpatient and Inpatient Basis

In case you suddenly fall ill or get injured during your travel, the outpatient treatment expenses as well as any hospital, surgery, and treatment costs, and the amounts paid for the medicine prescribed by your physician would be paid within the limits stipulated. The coverage applicable throughout the term of insurance is limited to € 30,000 and full damages shall be paid for each covered incident, up to the limit stipulated in the policy.

Medical Information and Consulting

In addition to the diagnosis and prescription concerning any medical problem you face, provided by the nearest medical team in the country of your stay; you would also be provided consulting services and recommendations regarding the information you may need, such as the names, addresses, and phone numbers of physicians, specialists, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, pharmacies, and night pharmacies. All necessary arrangements shall be provided in case of required emergency response.

Transportation or Travel on Medical Grounds

In cases of sudden illness or injury, and other cases which may pose danger for your life without any intervention within 24 hours, the Emergency Response Team would help you abroad, and take necessary measures for your transportation to the nearest medical institution, using land, and where necessary, air ambulances. Furthermore, your travel to your permanent residence following your discharge from the hospital is also covered.

Transportation of the Body in accordance with Medical Requirements in case of Death

In case of death during your travel abroad, all measures required for the transportation of the body of the deceased to his/her permanent residence shall be taken. Thereafter the body would be transported in accordance with international medical requirements.

If these services are not sufficient for your needs, you can get even more extensive ones with the Comprehensive Medical Insurance for Travel. What are these extensive services?

Transportation of the companion

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Accommodation costs for the companion

Supply of personal belongings

Dispatch of required medicine

Repatriation of the children who are not accompanied

Stay at the hotel following discharge from the hospital

Repatriation of the members of the family in case of the death of the insured

Stay at the hotel following discharge from the hospital

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Repatriation of the members of the family in case of the death of the insured

Monitoring of the medical state of the insured's relative

Unforeseen return to the country (in case of death of a

Transmission of emergency messages

Administrative assistance

Finding and delivery of lost luggage

Advance payment for bail

Life cover insurance

If you are 18 to 69 years of age, you can purchase Travel Health Insurance, and secure your health abroad as well.

When you face an emergency abroad, all you need to do will be to call the number +90 216 524 36 76.

You can visit the nearest AXA SİGORTA agency and get Travel Health Insurance.
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