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Very few things in life produce as much stress as the nagging pressure of being in debt and feeling that you can’t make any progress in paying the debts off. In fact, several studies have confirmed that being in debt has an adverse effect on physical and mental health and is one of life’s biggest sources of stress. A poll published by the Associated Press found that 10-16 million Americans have a reduced quality of physical health as a result of pressure and stress caused by large amounts of debt. A study published by the American Psychological Association similarly concluded that 72% of Americans report feeling stress over money, with 22% of survey participants reporting that they experienced extreme stress due to their finances. Free life insurance.

Are crippling debts taking a toll on your finances and getting in the way of your ability to save up for retirement?

Are you among the millions of Americans feeling stressed out physically, mentally, and emotionally, as a result of being in debt?

Did you know that there is a way that you can pay off debilitating debt while saving up for retirement, and protecting your family with a life insurance policy, all at the same time?

Symmetry Financial Group, the nation’s fastest-growing insurance marketing company, helps clients find multi-faceted insurance solutions to meet individual financial goals and challenges while protecting family and loved ones in the event of misfortune or unforeseen circumstances. The company offers an extensive portfolio encompassing a wide variety of insurance products and employs a dynamic group of highly trained experts who can advise customers as to which insurance products best meet their individual needs.

One product that Symmetry Financial Group offers is Debt Free Life, an insurance plan that provides significant benefits, in addition to life insurance protection that will provide peace of mind for your loved ones in the event of your death. The multi-faceted Debt Free Life plan provides a favorable solution to the problem of accumulated debt and its impact on a family’s ability to plan for future challenges, while also providing life insurance protection and a retirement savings vehicle that can earn interest tax-free.

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Debt Free Life, Savings, and Life Insurance

Becoming financially independent in today’s credit-driven society inevitably involves the acquisition of debt, as each major life transition comes with its own set of financial challenges. By the time most adults reach the age of retirement in the United States, we will have spent a sizeable portion of the income we earned over our total lifetime on interest payments due to paying off accumulated debt.

From student loans to auto loans, credit cards, mortgage payments, and medical expenses, debts can rapidly accumulate, and many individuals and families find themselves saddled with a slew of monthly payments that allow little wiggle room for savings or planning for a comfortable future. This leaves many individuals and families without a cohesive plan for retirement.

With Symmetry’s Debt Free Life program, you can turn your life around and become debt-free while also building up a retirement fund and protecting your family and loved ones with essential life insurance.

The Debt Free Life plan can help you eliminate debt in as little as 9 years or less. Because the policy uses its own cash value to pay off debts, you don’t have to spend any additional money to do this.

How Does Debt Free Life Work?

Symmetry’s Debt Free Life solution uses a time-tested strategy for debt elimination and financial growth that helps you gradually and consistently pay down your debt and reclaim your financial power.

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Debt Free Life provides coverage for debts such as mortgage payments, student loans, auto loans, credit cards, home equity loans, and medical bills. As a life insurance policy, the Debt Free Life plan provides a cash payout to your beneficiaries in the event of your death. In addition to providing this protection for your loved ones, the policy also accumulates a cash value amount over time. You can use a portion of that cash value amount to pay down your debts while allocating the remaining balance toward savings for your retirement.

As the cash value amount on your policy increases over time, you can incrementally increase the size of the payments you allocate, in order to pay off your debt more quickly, while continuing to save the balance for your retirement. And the beauty of this plan is that it won’t cost you any extra money, because the payments and savings come out of the plan’s own cash value amount. All the while, your loved ones are safely protected in the event of your death.

Living Debt Free and Building Tax-Free Wealth!

Imagine a life insurance plan that helps you get rid of debt for good and also helps you build up a retirement plan that earns interest and grows over time, tax-free!

Symmetry Financial Group’s Debt Free Life solution has turned clients’ lives around and allowed them to reclaim their financial power and enjoy genuine peace of mind. These clients are everyday people who have gone from grinding away at debt without any investment in their future, to watching their efforts result in a debt-free lifestyle with the additional peace of mind of knowing that they’re building a promising nest egg for their retirement.

The Debt Free Life plan has helped Symmetry Financial Group clients pay off debts on a schedule fit for their specific goals and budget, while also saving up money for retirement.

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An additional advantage of the Debt Free Life plan is that it allows you to accumulate wealth toward retirement that is tax-free and guaranteed.

Symmetry Financial Group’s Debt Free Life plan is an ideal solution for those who want to permanently get out of debt. Debt Free Life can help free you from the stress of endless debt, giving you the additional advantage of saving for your retirement, all while providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ve made sure that your loved ones are protected with a solid life insurance policy.

To learn more about enrolling in Symmetry Financial Group’s Debt Free Life insurance program, fill out an inquiry form by clicking here. One of our agents will contact you shortly.

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