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Updating auto insurance might be one of the last things drivers consider to do when they are moving to another state. However, updating the policy is very important and there are several important things that drivers need to keep in mind when moving to another state and several steps to take to make sure they are covered.

Drivers that are moving to a new state should follow the next steps:

Check the current policy. Drivers that are moving to another state are protected by their current insurance policy. However, drivers that are moving far away are recommended to increase their liability limits and purchase full coverage. During a long trip, drivers should also add roadside assistance.

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Check if the current insurer is present in the new location. Drivers should update their policy as soon as they can after arriving at their new location. Not all insurance companies have a license to operate in all 50 states and the insurance requirements are different in all states. Drivers should contact their insurers immediately and check if they have a license to operate in their new states. If they do, drivers should keep their insurers.

Search for another provider. If the current insurer is not present in their new state, drivers should search for another provider. Drivers can contact a local car insurance agency or they can go to a large national insurance carrier. The insurance requirements are different in each state, so the insurance requirements of the new state can be different from the requirements of the old state. The new policy will also be needed to get the new license plates and vehicle registrations.

Update the license and vehicle registration. One of the last things drivers will need to do is to update their license with the local department of motor vehicles. Besides that, drivers will be required to update their car insurance policies with their new driver's license number. Usually, insurance providers will give drivers a reasonable amount of time do this, but it's better to do this sooner than later.

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