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ExpressTerm makes term life easy Term life insurance rates.

AAA understands that protecting your family is one of your top priorities, and we want to help make it as simple as possible. ExpressTerm lets you buy term life insurance through our secure online application.

Use our fully secure site to get a quote, complete the application, and begin your coverage today. If approved, you could have your term life insurance policy in minutes.

Get a Quote: Provide some basic details about yourself to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Customize Your Coverage: Choose the coverage amount and term that best fits your needs.

Complete an Application: Answer health questions to find out if you’ve been approved.

With whole life, you can benefit from permanent insurance that not only builds cash value, but can assist with final expenses or debts, supplement a term life policy, or provide supplemental income for your spouse or family.

There’s no medical exam, blood work, telephone interview, long application, or lengthy approval period. Simply answer a few health questions, and we’ll give you a quick decision on your application.

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Term life insurance information

Universal Life Insurance

Need a life insurance policy that will last a lifetime, but value flexibility? Universal life Insurance offers permanent life insurance. Unlike term life, it doesn’t have a specified end date, so you can keep it in force for your lifetime. It also has a cash value accumulation feature that can provide much-needed funds later in life.

Unlike many of the financial vehicles used to accumulate wealth, a Universal Life Insurance policy provides you with an efficient way to leave proceeds to your loved ones or favorite charity.

Also, the death benefit from a life insurance policy is generally not subject to income taxes.

Universal life will be there to support your beneficiaries after your death with funds for things like your child’s college education, an additional income stream, a mortgage, or estate taxes. That’s flexibility tailored for your future.

Universal life may be right for people who:

Want permanent life insurance protection with flexibility

Want to earn a competitive interest rate on their premiums

Affordable term life insurance

Are looking for a responsible way to save for the future for loved ones

Need funds to cover education expenses or supplement retirement benefits

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Simplify retirement income with a Guaranteed Income Annuity

The AAA Life Guaranteed Income Annuity available through AAA can help turn a portion of your savings into a steady stream of income throughout your retirement. By using a portion of your assets from retirement savings plans (like a 401(k), IRA, bank account, etc.), they can be turned into regular income. You can be paid throughout your whole retirement or for a time period you choose.

Pay a single premium amount, or transfer it from other financial institutions, and receive regular income payments. You and your spouse can both be annuitants, if you choose. Customize how often you are paid, how long the payments will last, and much more. You decide the amount and time period during which to receive income.

Contact a AAA Life Insurance Specialist at 1-207-776-6163

Tax-deferred annuities let your assets grow

Family term life insurance

With a competitive fixed interest rate, a minimum interest guarantee for the life of your contract, and retirement income options designed to last a lifetime, it's easy to see how a tax-deferred annuity can help bring safety and stability to any retirement portfolio.

Purchase a Platinum Bonus 5 Annuity and you’ll start earning a competitive interest rate plus a first-year bonus that’s guaranteed for the first 12 contract months.

Keep in mind that the first year rate you will earn is based on the amount of your initial premium.

Flexibility of premium payments is another key feature. You can decide when you add to your annuity without having a fixed scheduled to do so.

Please contact a AAA Life Insurance Specialist at 1-207-776-6163
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