L8fe insurance. Get $100,000 Term Coverage From As Low As $12.65 Per Month,

Getting low cost insurance coverage is easy at FSMOne. Based on premiums from our insurance partners, from $12.65 per month, a 35 year old can get coverage of $100,000 till age 55. Low cost term insurance.

Get your protection coverage today!

Key Features

You can get coverage up to $1million at $2.97 per day

, in the event of Death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

Same premium amount up to age 55

Term life insurance

Accelerated payment of benefits, upon diagnosis of terminal illness during policy term

Attachable rider to enhance critical illness coverage (Optional)

Coverage and Premium Rates

You can choose any amount of protection coverage from $100,000 to $1,000,000, in multiples of $10,000. Premiums may change, subject to insurer underwriting requirements.

How to Apply?

How does the low cost term cover work for you?

John is working as a regional manager for a multi-national corporation (MNC). He has existing life policies, but due to the high premium costs of whole life plans, he did not buy sufficient coverage previously. On top of his existing policies and employee benefits, John decides to sign up another $500,000 coverage to ensure his liabilities and coverage gap is fully addressed.

Joint life insurance

Five years later, John suffers an unexpected major heart attack and passes away at home. His family receives a total $500,000 death benefit payout on top of his other existing insurance benefits.

#This is a simple illustration that does not take into account client risk profiles, financial objectives and other types of commitment.

How FSMOne can help you get on track

Our team of friendly advisers are able to help you review your financial objectives, long term commitments, and offer you investment and insurance advice specific to your needs. If you would like assistance in reviewing your financial and protection portfolio, or simply to get a quote for an insurance plan,

1 Based on age 35, non-smoker, till age 55

Healthcare insurance

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