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It’s exciting running your own business. Insuring it isn’t.

We understand that running your own business is one of the most challenging, exciting and rewarding things you’ll ever do. Whether it’s your own retail shop, a professional practice or a factory making must-have gadgets, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with being in control. Until, of course, the uncontrollable turns up. Business insurance quotes.

Which is where we come in. We can’t serve your customers, drive your trucks, or make sure your production line runs smoothly, but we can take the strain when it comes to insuring your business against the ‘what if's’ that can otherwise take your mind off the job.

With the expertise to get to know you and your business - inside and out - your local Resilium Adviser can offer you a flexible, affordable insurance solution that’s perfectly suited to your needs – now and for the future. A comprehensive range of quality insurance options for your business needs such as:

It’s a ‘must have’ for anyone in business. Your local Resilium Adviser can talk to you about the right amount of cover to suit your needs. Find out more

It might be ‘small’ to others, but to you it’s your life. And because no two businesses are alike, our insurance solutions aren’t either. Why not have a chat with your Resilium Adviser today, and work out a solution that’s just right for your business. Find out more

If you’re a tradie - either on the job or in the office - you’ve got enough on your plate without having to worry about all the ’what if's’. We’ll help you take care of the things you can’t control so you can get on with the things you can. Find out more

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We can’t advise you on the latest medical research or tax rulings, but we can talk to you about an insurance package that is specific not just to your profession, but your individual business. Find out more about Business Insurance for Professionals and/or Professional Indemnity Insurance

Whether your vehicle is under or over five tonnes carrying capacity, we’ve got a specialised solution to help keep you on the road, whether you’re running a fleet or a single vehicle operation.

There are two types of Commercial Motor insurances available:

We'll keep your sales team on the road, or your deliveries on track, with a tailored fleet insurance solution. Find out more

Need to get items from A to B? There are many ways that can stop your commercial vessel or cargo from either reaching its destination or getting damaged along the way. Piracy, mother nature and misadventure are all out of your control. Find out more

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Construction sites have their own unique sets of risks. You’ve got enough to worry about running the site. Let us worry about the risks. Find out more

Workers Compensation Insurance* is compulsory for all employers. From getting a policy to making a claim, our locally-based teams know your state’s and territories system making it quick and easy to ensure you are covered. Find out more

When you rely on the goodwill and hard work of volunteers and community groups, you want insurance that is designed to protect your organisation's public liability exposure and provide peace of mind to carry on with your good work. Find out more

It’s more than a business, it’s a life for you and your family. So if anything goes wrong, it’s good to know someone’s got your back. Your local Resilium Adviser can work with you to protect your most valuable asset. Find out more

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, or a combination of both, a Cover-More Travel Insurance package means you can relax and enjoy the journey while we worry about the unexpected. Find out more

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